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Prise de mousse is a French term, that translates as capturing the sparkle, in Champagne making that refers to the second fermentation of wine in the bottle and where Champagne gains its sparkle.


What does prise de mousse mean?

Prise de mousse is French and translates as capturing the sparkle.

It is a term used in Champagne making to describe the stage when the wine becomes sparkling.

Champagne is fermented twice:

1st Fermentation: The grape juice is fermented in vats into a still wine which is then blended and bottled.

2nd Fermentation: The liqueur de tirage, a blend of sugar, yeast and riddling agent, is added to the wine. The yeast consumes the sugar creating alcohol, aromas and bubbles.

Legally, Champagne must be sold in the same bottle where the second fermentation occurs, according to experts at the Comité Champagne.


Prise de mousse

Prise de Mousse LanguagePrise de Mousse TranslationPrise de Mousse Pronunciation
FrenchCapturing the sparklePREEZ de MOOZ