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Süssreserve is a German term to describe grape juice that is added to a dry wine after fermentation to add balance and sweetness.


What does süssreserve mean?

Süssreserve is a German term used to refer to grape must (juice) that is used to sweeten a wine after fermentation is completed.

It is particularly common in Germany where süssreserve is added to create medium-sweet wines.

It is added to dry wines when they are ready to be bottled.

Why süssreserve is added to wine

A lack of sunshine can mean that winemaking countries with cooler climates struggle to produce fully ripe grapes. Grapes that struggle to ripen fully can lack sugar.

So, winemakers can make up for this lack of sugar by adding süssreserve.

Adding süssreserve:

  • Increases sweetness levels in wine.
  • Balances out high acidity, making wine rounder and softer.
  • Lowers the alcohol content in wine.
Süssreserve languageSüssreserve translationSüssreserve meaning
GermanSweet reserveGrape juice added to dry wine before bottling.