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Taylor’s Port wine can be used for cooking, as well as drinking.

Taylor’s Port winery

Cooking with Taylor’s Port wine

You don’t need to use cooking wines for cooking. There is nothing special about them that makes them more suitable.

In fact, many cooking wines are inferior quality wines packed with preservatives and salt.

So, using a good quality, affordable regular wine (like Taylor’s or other brands) is nearly always a better option.

Best Taylor’s Port wine for cooking

You don’t need to buy high-end Port wines to use in cooking.

There are many styles of Port wine that are high quality wines aged for several years or even decades. These wines are best kept for drinking rather than using for cooking.

Vintage Ports, in particular, are exceptional and rare Ports to be sipped and savored. Please don’t use it for cooking!

Instead, I recommend affordable Ports wines that are good quality, drinkable wines but nothing special, such as:

  • Taylor’s Fine Ruby
  • Taylor’s Fine Tawny
  • Taylor’s Select Reserve

Other Port wines for cooking

Taylor’s is probably the best-known brand name for Port wine, but it is far from the only Port wine available.

There are several other quality brands of Port that you can also use for drinking or cooking.

Most make a similar range of Ports to Taylor’s – that is inexpensive Fine Port, LBV Port, Tawny, Reserve, Vintage etc.

Some other trusted brands include:

  • Graham’s
  • Sandeman
  • Burmeister
  • Calém
  • Offley
  • Quinta Das Carvalhas
  • Quinta Do Noval
  • Porto Cruz
  • Velhotes
  • Croft
Sandeman winery in Porto, Portugal

Substitutes for Port wine in cooking

If you can’t find Port wine, you can use the following wines instead:

Sweet Sherry

Sherry, like Port, is a fortified wine. Sherry comes in both dry and sweet styles.

The following sweet styles are a better alternative to Port, which is always sweet in style:

  • Pale Cream
  • Medium
  • Cream
  • Moscatel
  • Pedro Ximenez (PX)

Madeira wine

Madeira is a fortified wine from the island of Madeira. It comes in a range of styles and flavors and can be an excellent substitute for Port wine.

See our article to learn about the differences between Port and Madeira.

Look for the following Madeira styles for cooking:

  • Rainwater
  • Fine
  • Finest