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Cépage is a French word that means grape variety.

Cépage on a French wine label

What does Cépage mean?

Cépage means grape variety.

It is a French word that is used by French winemakers when talking about the type of grapes used to make wine.

Where cépage is used

Cépage is a term used in France when talking about winemaking.

The term cépage is used in relation to all types of wine, including Champagne.

It is sometimes used on French wine labels to provide information about what grape variety or varieties are used in the wine.

It is not a word widely used outside of France. Instead, winemakers will simply say “grape variety”.

Cépage LanguageCépage TranslationCépage Pronunciation
FrenchGrape varietySAY-PAH-JE

Grape variety around the world

  1. France: Cépage
  2. Italy: Vitigno
  3. Spain: Variedad de uva
  4. Germany: Rebsorte
  5. Portugal: Casta
  6. United States: Grape variety
  7. Argentina: Variedad de uva
  8. Australia: Grape variety
  9. South Africa: Druiwevariëteit
  10. Chile: Variedad de uva

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